Private Classes

I love to work with students one-to-one or in reduced groups. Whether you are a trying Yoga for the first time or want to advance your practice, I can help you. Meeting you where you are, we would discuss your needs and objectives together and develop a specific daily practice that you will be able to practice at home, address a health concern or dive deeper into commited yogic practices.

If you want to schedule a complimentary first consultation session for yourself or a friend, feel free to contact me here.

Corporate Classes

Yoga and Meditation can be incredibly beneful in the workplace environment.

Bringing more mindfulness to your office, can help keeping your talents fresh and productive. Whether you want to stretch and restore to break from the daily work routine or spark your creativity for a special project, there is a specific yoga sequence for you and your team.


We will work together to design tailor-made sessions for your own needs and teams, or create engaging and refreshing workshops. If you wish to schedule a first consultation session -- completely free of charge -- contact me here.


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